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Meet your Leadership Development Summit leaders:

Terry Hickey
Provides seminars on communicating and peak performance to professional athletes and business executives - people who want a coach that doesn't waste time fooling around with surface talk, but instead gets to the heart of what needs to be done now to propel them to their goal.

Tim Harrington
Is a CPA and consultant who has worked with over 200 credit unions and banks and with tens of thousands of credit union and bank staff members. Five of Tim’s clients are listed among the 100 most profitable credit unions in the country. Tim’s goal is to help each of his client company's define their vision of a successful and profitable future, and create a pathway to achieving their goals.



Become The Leader YOU Would Follow -

Not Just Another Leadership Seminar
The Leadership Development Summit is for motivated credit union CEOs. The Leadership Development Summit is more than just presentations and information that are seldom used. New concepts plant seeds of change that benefit every aspect of your life. You change your mental patterns to insure a future of success.

One Year To Excellence
The Leadership Development Summit is held with peer CEOs who have similar aspirations, problems, frustrations and opportunities. The Summit is led by Terry Hickey and Tim Harrington. The Leadership Development Summit includes:

A 2-hour personal foundation interview with Terry Hickey and Tim Harrington to elicit values, personal goals, and specific issues blocking you from your ultimate success prior to the opening summit.
A 2 1/2 day Leadership Summit January 2005 in sunny Tucson, Arizona with other motivated CEOs from successful credit unions around the country.
10 Monthly Leadership Recharge teleconferences.
Collaborating with a fellow Summit CEO to tackle specific issues as they arise throughout the year.
Individual phone coaching sessions with Summit leaders.
A 2 1/2 day closing Leadership Summit in Tucson, one year later to solidify your learning and plan for on-going growth.

Break Free From Your Limits
In one year you'll not only see what is standing between you and what you know is possible, you'll break free from what's blocked your success.

One Year Leadership Development Summit
Core Modules that bridge the gap between where you are
and the peak performance you know is possible!

1. Align Personal Mission
Develop your vision, personal qualities, and behaviors that inspire others and foster collaboration. You'll learn how to identify your vision of leadership rather than attempt to fit into someone else's definition. You’ll learn to:

Act on your deeper values to enhance your sense of purpose, commitment, and pleasure in work and daily activities.
Align objectives, behaviors, beliefs, identity, and vision for action.
Identify and link personal and organizational vision.

2. Create Extraordinary Outcomes
You’ll learn:

6 keys to establish and to elicit clear goals, in yourself, your staff and your Board.
To create a compelling future to stimulate motivation in yourself, your staff and your Board.

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3. Develop Mental Agility
Did you know that the person with the most flexibility has the greatest influence in any situation? You’ll learn practical tools to expand your own communicating style to increase rapport with anyone and reduce conflict. This training also offers keys to motivating and positively influencing an individual or group. With keys in hand, you'll understand peoples’ “map of the world,” their individual perceptions, biases, and roadblocks, to allow you to work effectively and enjoyably.
With this module you’ll:

Use language to deepen rapport with clients and team members.
Learn to spark interest, enthusiasm, and responsiveness by matching others’ communication and motivation style.
Have specific steps to appreciate different viewpoints for greater understanding.

4. Precision Communication Skills
When working with staff and Board members, comments are often made that could be taken several ways. Through precision communication skills, you'll learn how to “squeeze clarity out of obscurity” when communicating with others. You'll better understand the motivations behind Board members' concerns or reluctance, and help them move forward with current information. With this module you’ll:

Develop Precision Language patterns to access high quality information and avoid miscommunication.
Identify and use Presupposition Language patterns which suggest successful resolution of conflict.

5. Manage Time Instead of It Managing You
Learn to create a system that balances work time and personal time. Learn to create “focus days” for best results, “buffer days” where routine functions are handled and “free days” for rejuvenation and creativity. Identify what is most important, what are routine activities, and what is the best use of your time and a subordinate’s time.

6. Remove Barriers…Move Into Brilliance
Harness your peak mental abilities, strengthen your leadership skills and boost productivity and personal happiness. Engage the mind, senses, emotions, and imagination for peak performance. Overcome barriers to change and enhance confidence. Through this process you learn how to break down the barriers that stop you from moving into brilliance, as a person and as an organization.

Lead your organization from being average, to realizing that there are no limits to the success of your company. Be the organization with a 2.5% ROA, or a 90% Loan to Share Ratio in any market, or rapid asset growth coupled with balanced capital growth, loan growth and deposit growth.

Learn strategies to enhance motivation, optimism, and flexibility in yourself and others during times of change.
Create a vision of an extraordinary future, then create the future you imagined.
Realize that somebody’s got to be the best, and then you become it.

Want to know more about the Leadership Development Summit?

7. Foundation for Exquisite Problem Solving
New tools and concepts to enrich your critical thinking and problem solving. Learn how to:

Define and uncover elements that create or contribute to problems.
Anticipate and address unintended consequences of change within a system.
Question beliefs and assumptions to facilitate problem solving.
Pose questions to elicit creativity from staff in problem solving.

Advanced Problem Solving Concepts
Now is the time to deepen your communication skills, language patterns, and processes to improve interpersonal problem solving, conflict resolution, and mediation. With these advanced concepts you'll:

Be a leader with the ability to separate out, listen, and respond to the real message behind the background “noise” in communication.
Acknowledge others’ perceptions and utilize multiple viewpoints to understand how people perceive problems and generate better solutions.
Learn methods to create multiple representations of problems and solutions to maximize problem solving.
Develop lateral thinking strategies to frame problems, such as analogies, metaphors, and symbols.
Increase ability to sort out task problems from relationship problems.
Align relationships in business by dovetailing agendas.
Introduce organizational change while maintaining employee morale.

Here's what you take away:

Verbal and non-verbal techniques to minimize resistance and emphasize solutions and mediation.
Strategies and rapport skills to de-escalate anger.
Verbal and non-verbal strategies to create win-win negotiations.
Method to move participant off a non-productive stance.

8. Capture the Disney Magic: Use The Walt Disney Strategy For Creativity
The great Walt Disney used a time tested creative strategy to break down the barriers to creativity. The results are evident by the way he changed the business of family entertainment. His strategy is a series of processes to stimulate creativity in you and in your staff. This training identifies and explores communication, motivation and leadership skills to manage interactions requiring creative and innovative thinking. This module helps you:

Identify and stimulate personal creativity strategies in yourself and others.
Establish a process that disciplines the creative process and leads to successful outcomes every time.
Use your and your staff’s creative powers to move your credit union to new heights.

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If you’ve tasted success, but it's not enough…then bridge the gap between where you are and the peak performance you imagine is possible!


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