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Terry speaks to many groups throughout the year.

His presentations are tailored to your organization's needs and can be delivered in 1 to 4 hours, depending on the requirements and size of your group.

For Executives:

Rather than utilize a narrow definition of leadership, mark out for yourself what leadership is and learn how to enhance those qualities. Learn how to create a compelling vision of the future, and step into the leader you want to be - and that others want to follow.

Creating a Company People Want to Belong to
What does it really take to motivate people? Learn how to align objectives, behaviors, beliefs, identity, and vision as you move your team into action. Communicate in a charismatic and congruent way to build sustainable momentum and synergy.

For Entrepreneurs:

Beliefs For Success
This not another positive self-talk seminar! Discover the current beliefs that are interfering with your success. Explore what beliefs would create the passion and momentum needed to reach your goals. Learn practical and powerful methods to begin making those beliefs your reality.

Modeling Success
Build and strengthen your inner and outer support team. Identify what support is missing and discover how to vitalize the qualities and resources you need to reach your goals. Learn how to use mentors and model people you admire. Discover motivation strategies to make sustainable effort toward your goals.

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